Prices below are for one hour sessions. Our opening hours are 9am to 11pm, seven days a week.

Scroll right down for bookings. Terms and Conditions for Net Hire can be found here. If you are interested in making any block bookings please contact us directly.


We have retractable nets between Lane 1 and 2, should you wish to book a wider playing/batting area.

Lane 3 is our bowling machine lane. This has the adult bowling machine, which uses hard balls and so full protective equipment must be worn. The automatic feeder is a separate add-on and you will be provided with a remote to control the machine. We also have a retractable net in Lane 3 if you want to split the lane into two smaller lanes.

The maximum lane capacity in each lane is 4 people.


BRAND NEW Height Adjustable Bowling Machine

We now have another hard ball bowling machine with a height adjustable stand, so this can be used for both adults and juniors. As it uses hard balls, full protective equipment must be worn. This machine can only be used in Lanes 1 or 2.

Kids’ Bowling Machine:

For younger players not yet used to hard ball cricket, a kids’ bowling machine (with soft balls) can be used, which includes an automatic feeder. We still advise that the participant wears a box and gloves as a minimum. The kids’ bowling machine can be used in any of the lanes.

Bowling machines can only be hired for under 18s if an appropriately trained adult is present. If you need a coach, please let us know.

Session Playback Video Recording:

We have three high quality cameras recording each session across all lanes. The recordings are available for you to purchase. You will receive a link by email to download the videos. Please allow up to 7 working days.

Speed Gun:

We have a speed gun available to hire so you can check your bowling speed.

Equipment Hire:

This includes a bat, batting gloves and batting pads only.


Lane 1 £25
Lane 2 £25
Lane 3 with machine £35
Wide Playing Area (Lanes 1 and 2) £50
(£5 discount on lanes only for Off Peak hours)
*BRAND NEW* Height Adjustable Bowling Machine (Lanes 1 or 2 only) £10
Automatic Feeder for Lane 3 Bowling Machine £5
Kids’ Bowling Machine Hire  £10
Speed Gun £5
Session Playback Video £3
Equipment Hire £10

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Peak Hours (Weekdays 4pm to 11pm and Weekends)

Off Peak Hours (Weekdays 9am to 4pm) *discounted rates*

Cancellations: Once your booking has been made and you have received your confirmation email – no refunds or credits will be given if any cancellations take place within 48 hours of the activity commencing. If a cancellation is made with more than 48 hours’ notice then you will be given credit to use at the Centre, you will not be given a monetary refund.

Full Terms and Conditions for Net Hire can be found here.

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